Posted on: 4.17.2016

A comeback and a foray into bullet journaling

Hey guys!

As you can see, consistency is not my forte… But I wasn't feeling the need to write everything down on the Internet lately, with real life keeping me busy 110%. As it is, I've been going back to more… analogue journal writing, and since most of my inspiration for it comes from the Internet, I thought I'd share it with you (along with some more personal news for those who are interested).

As far as I remember, I have always been a notebook-carrying person. I had a secret diary for several years, until I had a blog in the early 2000s. I changed platforms several times and most of what I've written got lost (thankfully!), but I rarely stopped writing in notebooks. I moved into our actual house two and a half years ago but only recently came across the box I had filled with notebooks while packing our Lille apartment. It filled me with nostalgia, and though I discarded some of them (I don't believe in keeping thing forever), others I kept as a motivation: to me, there is nothing better than a notebook you manage to fill completely.

I was browsing the web one day and stumbled upon an article about studyblr and I was immediately hooked! This led me to opening my own, separate from my main tumblr, and through the community I discovered bullet journals. Since I'm an avid notebook collector, a stationery lover, and Was in dire need of organization since starting my Masters, I had all the supplies needed. But really, the most important thing is that you only need a notebook and a pen. Tumblr and Pinterest are full of inspiration if you want to start your own. I bought the very popular Zebra Mildliners because I couldn't help it, but mostly I use pens and notebooks I already had in my stash.

Here are a few links to get you started:

I know that bullet journals will seem very time-consuming to a lot of people, but as someone who needs to not be working for too long stretch of time, I found the concept to be both soothing and not too much disconnecting from my work :) Next time I'll post some pictures of mine and a follow-up on my progression.

Posted on: 10.14.2014

After class

What I like best about living in the countryside is the ability to let off some steam after a rather stressful translation exam by having a walk in the forest. It's mushroom season, which means we spent an hour with our noses to the ground, surrounded by the smells of nature.

I made new friends…

Can you spot this one?

Dinner! This is Macrolepiota procera and it made a delicious omelette.

Enjoying the light before going back home…
 In these moments I realise, once again, how lucky I am…

Posted on: 9.25.2014

Things change.

My relationship with Paris has changed so much over the years: I lived there for 5 years and hated it. Weird, I know. There's so much people who dream of living in the city of lights, and here I was, unhappy about it. I had a lot of good times there, and met the most amazing people, but globally it wasn't a very good experience. But Paris, it's not you, it's me. I wasn't in a good place during those 5 years and that weighted heavily on my experience.

Now that I'm older, lived other places (like India and the North of France) and I'm able to go back to Paris regularly under great conditions: I'm loving it. There's never enough time during the week-end to see everyone and everything. I discovered an entire new city, enjoyed so many places… I was just there last week-end, enjoying the last days of the indian summer we've been so lucky to have. Friends were seen, beers were drunk, gifts for Elisabeth were bought, and fun was had. I can't wait to go back again, though I was glad to be back at home (mostly because we left the baby for the week-end, and the house is going to be finished soon, which means yay! awesome kitchen!). So, for that, Paris…

thank you.

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